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 -  CUSHION BOX  -    Beautiful cushion box, in a unique design, made of a combination of steel (galvanized against rosting) and aluminium with hardwood profiles on top. Fully waterproof, with ventilation holes in the bottom for a good air flow. The cushions can be stored in a good and safe way during the entire season. The cushion box is available in different standard sizes. The box itself is coated in colour. On the box the hardwood laths, that either remain unvarnished (untreated, natural) or also can be lacquered in colour. The cushion box can be lacquered in every (RAL-) colour. The cover has two gas springs and a lock. The hardwood laths stick at some distance from the box itself, with some interspace, to get a nice depth effect with lightfall. Inside the cushion box a rubber mat on the bottom, to keep the cushions well-ventilated and dry. The cushion box has a perfect finish. A solid construction, the box can stay outside without problems, during summer and winter.









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